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Barrier Screw

We are largest and reputed manufacturer and supplier of single screw in Ahmedabad. These products are manufactured using standard quality EN41B-MUSCO Material which is procured from reputed and trusted supplier.

Diameter ranges- 25 mm to 200 mm, Maximum Length- 5000 mm.

Our screw are manufactured using advanced technology and machine which provide various features such as strong ability, durability, exact fitting, easy to use and remove etc. our products are specially designed to meet customers specific need and requirements.


Barrier screws have a number of advantages, but the most important is the ability of the designer to pinpoint the location where melting is to be completed. In conventional screws, the typical melting pattern occurs in the compression section. The channel depth is gradually reduced in this region, forcing unmelted polymer outward, where it is subjected to high shear forces that cause it to melt.

One of the advantages of barrier screws is that for the most part they eliminate the problems associated with solids-bed breakup that are typical in conventionally flighted screws. Many conventional screws have to rely on restrictive mixing sections to complete the melting process because solids conveyed into the metering section are difficult to melt.

With barrier screws this is essentially eliminated, as solids are trapped in the solids channel until they pass over the barrier and/or a high-shear section at the end of the barrier section.

Barrier screws are a way to increase throughput of single-screw extruders and to improve melt quality. They keep unmelted solids in the primary screw channel by increasing the flight clearance on the downstream side, while letting the fluid melt escape over the barrier flight into the secondary channel. That way, the solids don't randomly disperse into the metering section. This allows for extrusion at higher pressures and higher rates without sacrificing melt quality.

Barrier screws are popular in applications like blown film that require low melt temperature and high output rate with consistent melt quality. Today many barrier designs also incorporate a mixing section to maximize extrusion quality. In injection molding, barrier screws reduce recovery times and improve melt quality.

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