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Plastic recycle/granules(pallets) making screw barrel

  • Screw barrel for plastic reprocess (granule manufacturing).
  • Screw barrel for masterbatch.
  • Vented and Non-vented Screw barrel set.
  • Expert in Vented screw Barrel
  • High Output screw also available 

We manufacturer every kind of screw barrel for plastic granules manufacturing like LD, LD core granules, LD/HM/PP/PS/PE/PVC/ABS,PC reprocess/recycle screw barrel, HDPE/LLDPE plastic granules screw barrel, transparent plastic granule screw barrel, multicolor plastic granule screw barrel, PVC pallet machine screw barrel, Black/white/milky white/green/blue plastic granule reprocessing machine screw barrel, PS virgin granule screw barrel, poly butylene screw barrel, UHMPE, CP, PS, PPCP, MDPE, VLDE, CPE palletinsing/granule manufacturing screw barrel.

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