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Grooved Feed Sleeve

Grooved Feed Sleeve

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In this page you are reading about Grooved feed section made by our company.
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We make -
1. Axially grooved barrels - with grooves running along the axis of the barrel

2. Helically grooved barrels - with grooves running helically within the barrel

Photos showing making of grooved feed section barrel, before final finishing.

Grooves manufactured as:

square grooves

trapeze grooves

sickle grooves

round grooves or any special shapes according to client requirements

Maddock and Mixers: Various models of maddock and mixers are used in screw design, in order to prevent mixing problems. With the use of the correct type of maddock and mixers in the screws in correct areas, the more homogenous mixtures can be provided and mixing problems can be prevented.

special care need to be exercised in groove designing and Screw for this kind of barrel.

Outer body: as per your budget like MS body, EN8, En41B etc
Feed Lining bimetallic: M35 HSS or tool steel D2, or M2, etc or as per your selection.


  • Optimum Performance
  • Tough construction
  • Long service life
  • Cost effective

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