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Plastic Mat/PP Tube Extruder Screw Barrel

Plastic Mat/PP Tube Extruder Screw Barrel

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Plastic mat and PP tube extrusion screw barrel

Ready stock available for Jalgaon Plastic mat industry.

Diameter 32 mm screw in bulk quantity, (minimum order 30 screw) for price detail please call 9924225214 or 8128381431.

Plastic Mat (Chatai) is made from Polypropylene extrusion.

Raj Engineering Works is the India's number 1 extrusion single screw OEM and we make all type of PP extrusion screw barrel.

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PP tube extrusion

In many areas where fluoropolymer tubing is typically used, polypropylene tubing can be employed as a relatively low-cost alternative. The high-crystalline composition also makes it good for use in structural systems. Polypropylene (PP) tubing is weldable and, when welded, can be used in non-fluid transfer applications.




Compressed Air

Dispensing Equipment

Electronic Equipment

Environmental Monitoring

Food & Beverage Lines

Housewares and Appliances


Personal Care Products

Pharmaceutical Processing

Potable Water Systems


Semiconductor Manufacturing

We also make PP/PE pipes (rigid) pipes screw barrel, L/D ratio up to 1:40

PP-R and PP-RCT pipes screw barrel also available.

Screw Barrel Specification:

Diameter range: 32 to 250 mm

Length range: 800 mm to 9000 mm

Materials: Nitriding steel all grades, Tool steel grades, HSS grades, Stainless steel grades,

Superalloys Hastalloy, Inconel, Ultimet also available in coating


  • case hardening - Gas Nitrite heat treatment up to .07 mm depth for 65-70 HRC
  • face hardening - specially developed alloys for feed screw industry - PTA or spraywelding
  • powder coating - HVOF and HVAF
  • Tungsten Carbide coating - robotic coating
  • Production time: Within 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the part.

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