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Rubber Processing Screw Barrel

Rubber Processing Screw Barrel

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Rubber Extrusion Screw Barrel

We are Raj Engineering Works, world's no.1 Screw Barrel OEM for the Rubber Extrusion Industry.

Equipped with Polymer Integrated R&D Cell, we make all kinds of screw barrel sets for Cold Feed Extrusion, Hot Feed Extrusion.

A Global supplier OEM to more than 80 leading machine manufactures. We have a vast customer base of around 8000 Plastic/Rubber companies.

Buying directly from an OEM makes your business more economical.

Just send us a drawing/picture of your Screw/Barrel with dimensions and get a quotation as early as possible.

For 20 year we have focused only on Screw Barrel engineering.

Screw barrel sets are our only product and this is the best thing about us.

India's number 1 Feed screw manufacturer for automobile tire plants and automobile rubber profile plants.

At Raj Engineering Works we offer a wide range of screws and barrels for Rubber Processing Extruder.

Smooth Bore Extruders Screw Barrel

Extruder diameters ranging from 38mm to 250mm

Vented and non-vented barrels

Length range 6D to 36D (800 mm to 5500 mm)

Pin Barrel Extruders Screw Barrel

Barrel diameters ranging from 90mm to 250mm

Pin-Type Extruder

Cross-flow mixing Extruder is of a similar design to a cold-feed conventional extruder. The marked difference lies in the combination of screw and barrel which depending on the application, is equipped with up to 12 rows of pins

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