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Injection Molding Screw Barrels

  Our screw are manufactured using advanced technology and machine which provide strong ability, durability, exact fitting, easy to use and remove etc. our products are specially designed to meet customers specific need and requirements.

screw diameter 32mm to 200mm
screw length Maximum 5 meter in one piece and up to 9 meter in two piece.
Barrel OD upto 300mm.
Material- EN41B nitriding steel, Musco grade.
Gas nitriding- Thickness from 0.5 to 0.7 mm, hardness ~ 60-70 HRC ~ 1000 HV.
Production time- Within 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the part.
Nitriding: Gas medium, Liquid medium, Plasma Medium (Require special Mention in P.O.)
Bimetalllic coating: ranging from 4% tungsten carbide powder coating to 88% tungesten carbide powder via HVOF robotic technology. (Require special order from customer)
Ring plunger set (RP set)     


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