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polyester staple fibre (RPSF), PPSF, plant screw

 We are single largest manufacturer of Screw barrel for Recycled polyester Staple fibre (RPSF) and Polypropylene Staple Fibre (PPSF) or Non Woven Sack Fiber Extrusion experienced with foriegn imported plant. These are manufactured using standard quality EN41B (Musco) Nitriding Steel, procured from trusted supplier. Screw barrel set also available For PVC Coated Synthetic Leather, PVC/PU Artificial Leather extrusoin

Screw length range from 2 to 9 meter, Diameter 45 to 200 mm

Screw barrel for chinese extrusion lines.

Eco friendly Recycled Polyester staple fiber is made out of Post consumed and Post Industrial PET bottles. PET bottles are first convertes in to PET Bales and Cold and Hot washed PET Flakes.  These PET Bottle Bales and PET Flakes are extensively used to manufacture regenerated PSF (Polyester Staple Fiber), POY (Polyester Yarn),Extruded PET Sheets, PET straps(Box Packing),PET Preforms and Recycled PET resin. 


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