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wire and cable extruder machine screw barrel

We manufacturer screw and barrel for cable and wire extruder plant, electric wire insulation plant, co-extruder machine, Insulation & Sheathing Line for House Wires/Control Cables/Power Cables,Triple Extrusion Line for Insulation of SILANE-XLPE Cables.

Our screw barrel are used in PVC, FRLS, XLPE, ZHFR, HDPE, MDPE, LT wire and cable manufacturing machine. 

Screws are made of Nitro alloy polished & bored for heating/ cooling with thermo regulation system, Barrels are offered in Nitrided & Bimetallic version depending upon the process requirement. Barrels are honed & design to bear the max pressure of 1000 bars.

Barrels are grooved linear or helical depending upon the polymer & process requirement.

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