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Vented Screw

Vented Screw

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Vented screw are two stage screw which works to remove volatilities of processing polymers during extrusion of different plastics. The position of vent in the barrel is very important, but the most important thing is to design both stages according to customer's need. Because output of Vented screw depends on both stages.
Vented screw are generally large screws where range start from 30 L/D ratio that goes up to 50 L/D ratio.
They have multiple application but their main use is in to recycling industry. To get more information on Recycling of plastics please visit Page no. 53
In two stages recycling extrusion machine, sometimes a single large Vented screw can also work so instead of Mother-Baby type two extruder we can make single stage extruder and save our cost of machinery.
Vented screw barrel sets are also used in other extrusion like Cable-wire manufacturing, Sheet manufacturing etc.
Whatever be the application, we offer A to z solution in this particular product, when you are buying a vented screw, you only need a phone number of Raj engineering works and we will take care of rest of the things. You can call 8128381431 or 9558327739 or just drop a message with your business card to whatsapp facility available on these numbers.
We also solve the problems arriving in vented screw barrel set manufactured by other companies located at in ahmedabad, Delhi or anywhere in India. Because the problem arrives when the desired output not comes from extrusion machine.
If you are facing such issue call now 8128381431.
To learn more about our screw barrel please visit our screw barrel page.
REW - Raj engineering works is the Master of vented screw barrel sets in India.

High Speed, High torque compatibility, High Throughput Screw Barrel.

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