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Nitrided Screw Barrel

 Our Screw Barrel are made of MSSSPL EN41B Nitride Steel, Worlds Top Grade Nitride Steel.

Liquid and Plasma Nitriding option is also available, need to mention in P.O.

Production range:  From Ø 32 to Ø 300 mm x to length 6000 mm (in one part).

 Parametres of nitrided layer:   Thickness from 0.5 to 0.7 mm, hardness ~ 60-70 HRC ~ 1000 HV.

 Production time:   Within 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the part

 Nitriding process:  The principle of nitriding process is based on penetration of atomic nitrogen into the peripheral steel layer with the tempterature of 550°C and it  causes  increasing the peripheral toughness by formation of nitrides and by depositing the nitrided atom in areas between grids which causes grid tension. The peripheral zone consisting of a diffuse zone and an interface layer has high toughness, good wear resistence, increased fatigue limit and increased corrosion resistence.


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